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Godfather & Godson Program

The Elite Associate or the Associate who buy a Commercial Package have the right to share or take care of a distant associate in the "Godfather and Godson Program”, where part of the commission generated by the Godson´s network will be shared by (50%) between the Sponsor and the Godfather. The Godfather must make a commitment to train and guide their “Grandsons” until they reach a leadership grade level.

This is a personal agreement between Club Herbax associates, in which Herbax is not responsible for the commitment made between them. Herbax only serves as a facilitator of contact data between the two associates. 

The Godfather has three months to get his Godson to generate results that favor both associates, if at the end of this period the Godson does not see results he can change to a different Godfather; they have the right to do so. Herbax have the power to detain the two associates agreed percentage of the commissions generated by the network of the associate who serves as the Godson, the commissions will be paid to the partner who serves as a Godfather along with the commissions generated from their own distribution network. 

Herbax may terminate the agreement if it ascertains that the member who asked for help from a Godfather sponsor does not reflect movement on their network such as registration of new associates or network´s purchases. After terminating the agreement the associates (Godfather and Godson) are free to select a new Godfather or Godson as appropriate.

 All partners involved in this program should be handled according to company values: Responsability, Honesty Humility, Integrity.


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